A private, natural reserve...

Vista aérea de Finca Palmonte

...between the Llanganates and Sangay National Parks.

Patio de Finca Palmonte al llegar

Close to Baños, but away from the tourist-flow.

Finca Palmonte rodeado de bosque

A place surrounded of montane rainforest,

offering the following activities:

  • Discover wild orchids in its natural environment.
Cyrtochilum pastazae
Lycaste denningiana
Maxillaria carinulata
Maxillaria fletcheriana
Maxillaria striata
Miltoniopsis bismarckii
Oncidium klotzscheanum
Stanhopea florida
Dichaea sp.
  • Walk around the large garden.
jardín con árboles llenos de orquídeas
  • Admire butterflies.
Adelpha alala - Alala Sister
Anartia amathea - Scarlet Peacock
Caligo sp. - Owl Butterfly
Doxocopa laurentia cherubina - Cherubina Emperor
Fountainea nessus - Superb Leafwing
Junonia genoveva - Mangrove Buckeye
Rethus dysonii - Dyson's Swordtail
Methona confusa psamathe - Glasswings
  • Rest and relax in a green landscape.
  • Birdwatching, observe insects and much more.
Andean Cock-of-the-rock
White-fronted Capuchin
Stick insect
Inca Jay
  • Explore Finca Palmonte in a guided tour.
caminando por la ruta en la selva
observando plantas en la caminata guiada por el bosque
  • Experience a refreshing bath in our clear and clean mountain water.
río con agua cristalina en medio de vegetación
  • Lodging and food in a rustic, authentic and comfortable ambience.
Finca Palmonte and its cottages
Double room
Rustic, simple and comfortable
Large garden
Matrimonial suite
Private and beautiful
Ensuite private bathroom
Private balcony and terrace
Terrace with a wonderful view
Dining room
Finca Palmonte in the middle of nature

A warm welcome in a familiar atmosphere.

We tailor your visit to your needs and interests.

A reservation in advance for your stay is required.

Alexander y Arlette en el jardín
Ubicación de Finca Palmonte en el mapa del Ecuador

Road Baños-Puyo (23 km from Baños)

Area San Francisco-La Palmera



1°25'18''S 78°14'32''W

How to get to La Palmera area?

  • by bus, car or bike

We will await for you.

How to get to the Finca Palmonte?

  • by foot 30-40 min. from La Palmera area

We will transport your luggage.

Finca Palmonte is part of the CELS (Ecological Corridor Llanganates Sangay) - a unique area in the country because of its six different ecosystems and its floristic richness, with many endemic plants.

(reference: WWF)

Until today we have encountered around 100 species of orchids, which we have identified.

Altitude Finca Palmote:

  • 1200 - 1900 m
  • The location of the lodging is at 1400 m.


  • warm humid
  • min. temperature: 16°C
  • max. temperature: 26°C
  • sporadic rainfall

Who are we?

A swiss-ecuadorian couple,

with a lot of respect and awe for nature and committed to its conservation.

Finca Palmonte is a dream come true, a family start-up, with the wish to share this special and amazing place with an ecological tourist, who loves nature like we do.

Un refugio ecoturístico (Ecolodge) -  what does that mean for us:

It's a protected place, where you feel at peace and calm and you can give yourself time to relax and rest.

The place gives you the oportunity to enjoy contact with nature, respecting it, being conscious and responsible and in harmony with the environment.

Preserving the biodiversity is paramount to our ecotourism.

Finca Palmonte doesn't have

internet access - the best place to disconnect.

Visits by reservation only.

Please contact us:

Visits and activities - what are

the options?

  • guided visit
  • guided visit with lunch
  • guided visit and hike "cock of the rock"
  • guided visit with lunch and hike "cock of the rock"
  • visit day&night
  • guided hikes


  • up to max. 8 persons
  • we guarantee a personalized attention
  • guided visits and hikes for individual tourists and small groups

  • bringing pets is not allowed

Lodging - what are the options?

  • Suite:

double room, ample, ensuite private bathroom with hot water, balcony and terrace

  • Double / single room:

rustic and simple room,

shared bathroom with hot water


We speak English, Spanish, German and French.

We look forward to your visit!

Contacto / Kontakt / Contact:

            +593 (0)99 717 94 68 


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